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suppliers of agricultural equipments
Farm Implements


Our range of implements enhances the capability of Tractors in preparation of soil and subsequent operations at farms for healthy crops.

Agricultural Machines


We supply various types of agricultural machineries for planting, harvesting and processing of crops. These can be driven with tractor, electric motor or run with the help of standalone engines.

suppliers of agricultural machineries in india
Diesel Engine


We have a wide range of sturdy Lister type and Petter Type Diesel engines which are being used as prime movers for various Agricultural Machines and Irrigation Equipments

diesel engine suppliers in india
Tractor Products


We offer a selected range of spares for Tractors – 3 point linkage, U-Bolts, Nozzles, Elements, Delivery Valves, Injectors, Pumps and Hydraulic Pilot Valve etc.

Water Pumps


We supply Centrifugal and Submersible Water Pump sets. We also offer India Mark-II Hand Pumps.

flex hose
Flex Hose

Flex Hose

We supply high quality of Flex Hose like medium - heavy duty PVC Hose, Duct Hose, PVC Lay Flat Hose, Steel Wire Hose, Air & Pneumatic Hose (Transparent).

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